The St. John the Evangelist Auction 101

The St. John the Evangelist Auction is an exciting, community building event with every opportunity to participate. The big event is on Saturday night, November 9, a fabulous dinner, silent, and live auction—an evening of fun for ALL members of our St. John the Evangelist community. This includes our parishioners, school parents, members of the religious education programs, faculty and staff. The themed party will be hosted in the magically transformed Parish Activities Center (“PAC”) and features a cocktail hour during the Silent Auction and seated dinner, followed by a 50/50 raffle drawing, and Live Auction.

The Auction mission is to join as a community to celebrate our St. John the Evangelist bonds. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to allow us to continue serving over 3,500 families in our area.

This year’s party theme is Christmas. Christmas is a magical time of year where we spend time with treasured friends and family and partake in the delights of the season! Come spend an evening with the St. John’s community and get a jump on your holiday shopping. Your presence makes an impact. Our community is not only generous, but also fun, so be a part of St. John the Evangelist at its best. Cocktail attire requested.

Come to the party, PLEASE.

Bring your wit, smile, and Christmas shopping list. The timing of the auction allows attendees to get started on Christmas lists even before Black Friday. We have long, rectangular dinner tables that will allow your group to sit together. You can pull together friends from a sports team, Walking with Purpose, This Man is You α, carpool, religious education class, advocacy, or bring friends from outside our community with you. Alternatively, when you RSVP, you can keep the default of allowing us to place you at an open table and you can choose your seat that evening.

Donate, anything.

You will be surprised what our team can put together with your special talent, gift, place or connection. You can print out a donation form or contact Carole Smith or Pamela Geraghty at to brainstorm your contribution. The donation deadline is Friday, 30 September 2019 so call soon!

Consider hosting a Sign-Up Party.
For more information, or to volunteer to host a party, please email Stephanie Anderson or Kendra Burnam at

Unique Experiences:
Access to certain people or activities whose access might be difficult or impossible without a St. John contact. These could include a small dinner with a thought-leader, a camp normally only offered to children of employees, access to a clubhouse or locker room, a foursome on a private golf course, a factory or facility tour with a lunch with an executive or designer.

Adventures & Getaways:
Week-long and weekend stays at vacation homes and condos during any season. Air miles to round out a getaway package make a great donation too.

Sporting Event Tickets:
Packages of 2 to 8 tickets to any of the local professional or college sports teams. Exclusive access to stadium suites or boxes for games or concert. Tickets to national sporting events.

Arts & Culture:
Tickets or backstage tours for cultural events such as the symphony, plays, the ballet, concerts, or TV shows.

Underwrite, any amount.
Not feeling like you have something exclusive or the time to share your talent, place or connection? You can help make something else come together by providing some extra funds to round out something special. Call us. (above) We have ideas.

Indulge, yourself.

Buy! Buy tickets to the party, organize a syndicate to snag one of the unbelievable Live Auction items. A “syndicate” is a group of friends or families who bid on one item together. They select a “lead bidder” who does the bidding for the group, and if they win the item, the total cost is split between the syndicate members.

It’s OK to be a member of multiple syndicates bidding on the same item as long as you’re not the “lead bidder” and don’t share the maximum bid amount each group has agreed to.

And, absolutely, take advantage of any one of the Auction’s Sign-Up Parties. These parties or gatherings are specifically designed to share across the community. Anyone can sign up to join.

Finally, have fun with this year’s Christmas theme!

Please help us support the businesses that support St. John the Evangelist