Auction Volunteer Opportunities

The St. John the Evangelist Auction evening is a night not to be missed by our community and one that requires our incredible community to execute.  The opportunity to volunteer is incredibly diverse and offers opportunities for all to participate.  There are many, lead roles as Committee Chairs and Participants as illustrated herein but many more roles essential for the event evening to run smoothly.  Check out the list to find one that suits you or contact us to highlight one you would like to create for yourself.

Bidder Registration:
Welcome and thank Bidders for coming; Complete Bidder Registration
Form (important to get complete information, as this information
may be used for payment follow-up and future data base, including
email); Process Bidder Registration; Give Auction Catalog to
bidder; Direct bidder to auction items/seating area; Answer any
questions bidder may have.

Bidder Check-Out:
Thank bidders for their purchase and ask them for their bidder
number; Process Bidder Check-out; Direct bidder to Merchandise
Pick-up area; Thank them again for their support; if there is a
line, acknowledge bidders in line and thank them for their

Merchandise Pick-Up:
Thank bidders for their purchase; Look at receipt for items
purchased; Retrieve items; Mark off items on receipt with an “X”;
give receipt back to bidder; Wrap items as needed; Ensure bidder
has assistance with carrying items if needed.

Live Auction Spotters:
Assist Auctioneer by standing in certain sections of the audience,
encouraging bidders to bid, helping the auctioneer “catch the bids”
and determining bidder number; thank and congratulate bidders and
encourage bidders in auction participation. Keep the guests
attention. Get to know guests in assigned section before the live
auction starts.

Live Auction Merchandise Handlers:
Carry items onto floor for bidders to preview as Auctioneer
introduces item; Quickly and effectively move item across
stage/through crowd as bidding occurs; show bidders close-up when
necessary; move item off floor quickly when sale closes; Work with
Auctioneer before auction to determine specific needs

Silent Auction Monitors/Closers:
Monitor Silent Auction; Efficiently close items that were purchased
at “Guarantee Bid” price. Answer bidder questions; Encourage
bidding and conversation about silent items; Remove silent bids
when respective silent auction closes; Bring closed bid forms to
the “Check Out” area for volunteers to process.

Auction Greeters:
Welcome auction attendees as they enter the auction; Direct them to
registration and answer any questions they may have; Thank
attendees for coming and let them know you are there to answer any
questions they may have. Bid them farewell.

Point Person for Auctioneer/Runner:
Serve as a point person for the Auctioneer if they need anything
before the auction starts; Help the Auctioneer answer questions,
solve problems, and ensure flow of Auctioneer Preparation; During
auction, run completed Live Bid sheets to the check out

Retrieve bidder sheet and take to bidder to sign; take signed
bidder sheet to front table for logging into computer; serve as
backup for spotters (as needed).

Additional Positions:
Photographer, Set Up, Clean Up, Coat Check

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